Ryan S. Porush is a documentary filmmaker and journalist based in Los Angeles. He has produced, filmed and edited documentaries and short films around the world, with an emphasis on telling dynamic, character-driven stories. His award-winning first film, TWO HUNDRED PERCENT, about one young man’s journey to Israel to reunite with his forgotten father 15 years after a tragic accident, screened at film festivals in 2016. Most recently, he has collaborated with Endeavor Films, VICE, GQ, Vocativ, and National Geographic.

Originally from the suburbs of L.A., Porush received a B.A. from the UC Santa Barbara and subsequently completed a Master’s in documentary journalism at New York University.


Lior Sperandeo is an Emmy Award nominated Cinematographer from Tel Aviv. After three years of service in the Israeli Defense Forces, he started his career as a News Cameraman covering Jerusalem & the Middle East. Lior later shifted to the documentary world, where he has won awards for his powerful work around the world. In 2014, Lior was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Single Camera Photography for the documentary Made in Israel. In his latest project, a documentary series titled “People Of,” Lior highlights different human and social struggles around the world, creating a tool and voice for muted populations.


Uri Perednik is an Israeli activist based in Jerusalem. In 2013, Uri established and chaired the organization “The Struggle for the Aliyah of Ethiopian Jewry.” In that position, Uri led demonstrations, lobbied for the issue in the Knesset and contributed to a number of leading stories in major Israeli media outlets. To date, Uri has published over 50 articles on the issue of Ethiopian Jewry and other topics regarding Israeli society in the Jerusalem Post, Ynet, Makor Rishon, The Times of Israel and Mida. Uri most recently held the position of chief of staff and spokesperson for Israeli Ethiopian Member of Knesset Dr. Avraham Neguise.


Elliot Levitt is a film editor living and working in Los Angeles. After graduating from film school at the University of Michigan, he began his career as an assistant editor on feature film trailers and television advertisements. He now works as a feature editor for both narrative and documentary. As a graduate of Jewish day school in the suburbs of D.C. and a fluent Hebrew speaker, Elliot felt connected to the story of the Ethiopian Jews.